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TH7 War Base

TH7 War Base

I believe that you want a new TH7 War Base with Anti-Dragon feature after the latest Clash of Clans update.

Best Town Hall 7 Base for Clan Wars

Hi guys,

I am Anna and this is gonna be the first blogpost on my blog.

As we all know, Supercell released the new update couples of weeks ago with the arrival of the third Air Defense at Town Hall 7. Because of this, most TH7 War Bases now are pretty obsolete.

Let's take a look at the new base from cocland below and you will know why I really miss the base!



  • This base is a mini type of the Southern Teaser. The attackers will be forced to attack either the top or the bottom of the base. Attacking from either side won't not work at all.
  • All high HP Storages are used to protect the Air Defenses, the most powerful defensive buildings that can stop any Dragon attack.
  • Centralized Clan Castle is a great feature all bases in Clash of Clans should have. Of course all Dragon users don't lure Clan troops out but this can ensure your base will be safe under any Hog attack!
  • You can place 1 Barrack at the corner so sometimes attackers forget to remove it and you can easily protect your base from being get 3 stars.
  • The Air Sweeper can easily protect the whole base. If attacker want to destroy it at first, they need to spend at least 5 Hog Riders. This is such a big advantage in any battle.

I will post more defense logs of this base as soon as possible so stay tuned guys!

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