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TH7 War Base

TH7 War Base

I believe that you want a new TH7 War Base with Anti-Dragon feature after the latest Clash of Clans update.

Top Attack Strategies for Town Hall 7

Swan has really 3 featured this design in Clash of Clans. So it is one we see all the time. The twofold air protection close to the edge shouts dragon attack. I think what happened with man is he hit with legend, took out one AD perhaps at 130. At that point sent from 12-3. I have attempted that too. Same result. I goes one. The best approach to get 2 stars is take out the AD then assault from 3-6 with your dog on the other AD. Almost certain that is the thing that Swan did, however truly I don't review the subtle elements on this run.

However, the fundamental procedure is something like this. Drop your bk on the military enclosure at 130. Drop Archer Queen behind. BK tanks barriers while Archer Queen AQ kills the AD. CC is route south here, that is something to be thankful for. I by and large do whatever it takes not to trip the CC with execute squad on this variety. In the best world the CC has dog nut case and I don't need to trouble with the CC by any means. That is immense on the off chance that I realize that early. I change my dull spell blend to be scurry and shake in those cases.

I would then convey drags from 6 to around 430. They are out of scope of AD. At that point drop dog and rest of drags from 430 to 3. At that point sit tight for drag to get over divider. drop two wrath now. The third wrath will hold up however every one of the three frame a triangle. The third being over the TH. You have 2 solidifies here. In this city you have heaps of choices on the stop. The last 2 air def don't cover the Town Hall, so you don't have to stop them. you can solidify the advertisement or any of the stuff in the inside to up your harm.

in the event that the general barriers are low and you are striving for 3 you might hit the last two AD with stop as your drags move over the city.

Primary concern on this city is you utilize saint to take out one AD and afterward convey drags and dog on the divider that has the other AD on that side of the base. From that point out it is spells. In the event that there is a drag in CC then be prepared with toxic substance. On the off chance that its all against ground troops you are practically set.

There are obviously different approaches to get this city. Be that as it may, this one of the more solid focuses to run drags at high.

On this design it is somewhat better to hit with primary assault from 3-6 as hitting from 12-3 brings de stockpiling into play. By and large the stockpiles are the "brakes" that moderate drags. Yet, this base is symmetrical and with the exception of the DE stockpiling you have 2 stockpiles outside the center on every divider. So most any of the 4 dividers has the same stream rate to the inside. Simply seethe the drags over the capacity and into TH and you ought to be solid. primary concern with drags high is you truly don"t need to convey in a cluster. That can be the reaction of your royals slaughter squad if safeguards are truly low, so on the low protection urban areas, you should know about saint eating a lot of one side of the base and modify your arrangement. On the other hand go the other way, send drags to TH first then pop legends late to get second star.

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